English speaking classes. 

If you are an expat and you search for activity among other foreigners in small group up to 8 people you found it! 

We would like to invite 8 motivated people to join our new project. We realise more and more foreigners are living in Warsaw area. From our research we found out it is not easy to find English speaking classes. So here we are. Moreover as the only one in the whole self-defense/fighting industry we are giving you a guarantee of satisfaction. How it works? If we do not fulfill your requirements you will be 100% refunded. The only risk you take is your time and effort. 

We will start classes the moment the group is set.

The trainings will focus on self-defense material plus you will have access to every-month free seminars that we have in our Club.

When: Tuesdays/Fridays 6PM-7PM

Where: Krav Maga Center Studio, ul. Oboźna 7/64

Contact us for more details:

Fb: Krav Maga Center


Phone: +48 793160400

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